StarrFantasy Wiki

Starr Fantasy takes place in a wild and untamed world, from scorching deserts to high mountain peaks to dense jungles. All with their own unique flavor and dangers.

The world of Starr Fantasy


To progress your skills, you'll need to venture out of Starr Village and into the wilds. To do this, select the map tile you wish to travel to press the walk button. This will lay out the route and display the travel time in the info window at the top center of the screen. This can be cancelled at any time by pressing the x button next to the timer.

While travelling you can encounter enemies so be careful you don't travel through areas you aren't prepared for!


All map tiles other than Starr Village belong to one of 6 biomes that determines the types of enemies that can be encountered and the materials that can be gathered. All this information can be found when clicking on a tile.