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Starrs are the main currency in the world of Starr Fantasy.

A players total Starrs are shown at the top of the page.


Starrs can be acquired by a number of means, the most common being from defeating enemies in battle. Although experience is granted upon each kill, Starrs are only rewarded when the battle is over.

Selling spare or unwanted items at the shop in Starr Village is another relatively common way to bolster a players finances, items can be sold for 50% of their listed value by default, with items of a higher tier or rarity being worth more than regular items.

Players can also participate in events during AuroraStarr's Twitch streams that can reward Starrs, experience and items if successful.


The primary use for Starrs is to buy items from the shop at Starr Village. They are also used to buy resets for a players ability choices and stats while in the town.