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Starr Village is the central hub for all activity in Starr Fantasy and is the first place that new players will find themselves.

Town Services


The shop in Starr Village is where players can find all basic gear up to tier 6 available for purchase, and sell their excess loot.

The shop uses Starrs as it's the currency used for both buying and selling items.

In order to buy an item from the shop, a player simply needs to drag the item they want to their inventory provided they have the required amount of Starrs and space.

To sell an item, drag it from the inventory over to the sell box under the main store and press the Sell button. Multiple items can be placed in the sell box and then sold at once, however any inventory changes (buying or equipping an item) will return all items in the sell box back to the players inventory.


The vault is the place for players to store any items they want to keep hold of but haven't the room in their inventory or desire to carry around with them. The vault is capped at 100 separate stacks. Bare in mind that once the Vault is full, you cannot add to existing stacks but must first remove an item then return it once you're done.


The Forge is where players can upgrade their equipment. This takes an existing item and a set list of materials and raises the tier of that item, this can also raise any bonus stats on an item that come with its rarity although this is not guaranteed. To use the Forge, or to find out the materials needed, drag the item you wish to check or upgrade into the box on the Forge window and press the hammer icon to upgrade it.


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In order to participate in Sieges during AuroraStarr streams, players must be in Starr Village when typing the !defend command in chat.