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Keep in mind the game is still in development and you may will encounter some bugs. For the best experience please use Google Chrome!

About StarrFantasy

Aim for the Starrs!

Welcome StarrChildren! For years the citizens of Starr Village have lived in safety from the dangers of the outside world, but now something is stirring just outside the Village walls. Bandits have been seen in the nearby forests, Harpies and Ogres have launched raids against the village, and we’ve even seen Slimes lurking in the Village sewers. The safety of Starr Village is no longer certain.

Hunt and Gather: Brave the wilderness on your own or with your fellow StarrChildren. Dangers lurk in every shadow, so don’t forget to visit the Village Shop before you set forth!

Help the Citizens: NPCs always have problems, and it’s up to you to give them a hand. Tune into any stream and you’ll have a chance to help the citizens of Starr Village in Events.

Ascend to the Heavens: Master as many classes as you can and become a valuable defender of the Queen.

Defend our Stream: AuroraStarr is always at risk of being attacked during her streams. Tune in to any stream and help fight back the evildoers!

The Queen requires your help. Will you take up the call and help make the world safe for our people once more?

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