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There is a wide array of gear available to players in Starr Fantasy including weapons, armor, trinkets and consumables. Basic versions of all weapons and armor can be bought at the shop in Starr Village up to tier 6. All equipment has a tier associated to it which affects value and the skill or location requirements to use it.


For a list of all weapons check here: Weapons

Probably considered the most important of all equipment is weapons. They come in a myriad variety of shapes and sizes, all with associated skills to increase their effectiveness. All weapons are currently divided into these categories:

  • Swords
  • Daggers
  • Spears
  • Maces
  • Ranged
  • Magic Weapons
  • Healing Weapons

The related skills increase the attack values of weapons by 1% and Hit rating by 0.75 per level, with Healing Weapons being an exception in that they increase healing by 1% instead as well as Hit rating by 0.75 per level.


For a full list of all armors check here: Armors

In the world of Starr Fantasy, armors are classed under 4 categories:

  • Magic
  • Light
  • Medium
  • Heavy

There is also specific clothes for gathering that increases the chance for related nodes to appear and improved flee chance, as well as shields in a few different flavors. Each armor type grants a slightly different bonus from its related skill as listed below.

Armor Type Variant Skill Bonus Per Level
Shield Heavy Shield +0.2 Block
Enchanted Shield
Blessed Shield
Magic Scholars Robes +0.2% Magic Attack

+0.2% Healing

Mage Robes
Light Leather Armor +0.2 Evade
Merc Armor
Medium Chainmail +0.2 Defense
Heavy Full Plate Armor +0.2 Defense

+0.2 Magic Defense



Found throughout the world on the bodies of fallen enemies are trinkets. They come in a few different forms that drop from specific monsters, with rainbow slimes having a change to drop all of them.

All trinkets drop at a minimum of Rare (blue) rarity with at least 1 bonus stat on them.

Trinket Ability Source
Slime Ring +10 Critical Strike Rating Slime
Bandit's Boots +20 Move Speed

+10 Evade

Harpy Wing +15% Attack Speed Harpy
Lucky Goblin Tooth +30% Loot Chance Goblin
Golem Heart +5% Physical Attack

+5% Magical Attack

Treant Bark -10% Cooldown Reduction Treant
Troll's Pack +250 Base Carry Weight

+15% Max HP



A number of single use consumable items can be found in caches when out exploring the world. They can also be earned from mini events in chat during AuroraStarr's streams or for completing Quests within the game.

  • Bandages - an out of combat heal
  • Scroll of Recall - teleports to user back to Starr Village
  • Healing Potion - combat healing