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Attributes define the power of your character by increasing different stats like your Health Pool and your Hit Chances, among others. 

Character Attributes

There are 7 different attributes than can be increased by leveling up your character or ranking up classes. You get a total of 50 points to assign by leveling your character to level 20 but will lose them when ascending while the bonuses from ranking up classes will carry over. 

Strength (STR)

Your strength affects how strong you are. It affects your damage when fighting with melee weapons, how much you can carry in your inventory and your chance to block attacks while using a shield. Knights and Warriors get a +1 bonus in strength for each of their rank.

Vitality (VIT)

Your vitality increases the number of hits you can take before dying by increasing your health pool and your defense. It also gives you more sustain by increasing your health regeneration out of combat. A lot of classes benefits from a bonus in vitality; Adventurers, Chaplains, Clerics, Knights, Priests, Prospectors and Warriors each getting a +1 bonus per rank and Guardians are getting a +2 bonus per rank instead.

Intelligence (INT)

Your intelligence dictate your ability to use magic weapons by increasing your magic damages, your mana and your critical chances. Arcanists, Elementalists and Wizards get a +1 bonus per rank.

Wisdom (WIS)

Wisdom increases the potency of your heals while also giving you some magic defense and mana regeneration. Arcanists, Chaplains, Clerics, Elementalists, Priests and Wizards each get a +1 bonus per rank.

Agility (AGI)

Your agility indicate how nimble you are. It affects your movement speed, your evasion chances and your chances of success when trying to flee while also reducing the cooldown on your abilities. Classes benefiting from a +1 bonus per rank are Adventurers, Archers, Hunters and Prospectors, while Rogues get a +2 bonus.

Dexterity (DEX)

Dexterity increases your chances to hit and your physical damage. It also increases your chances to block an attack when using a shield. Archers and Hunters get a +1 bonus per rank while Marksmen are getting a +2 bonus per rank.

Luck (LUK)

Luck is the only attribute only increasing probability based stats. It increases your chances to hit your target and to deal a critical strike when hitting, also allowing you to evade the ennemies' attacks more often and a greater chance to successfully flee if things get tricky. It also enhance your loot chances. There are currently no classes getting a bonus in Luck when ranking up.

Summary Table

Attribute Class Bonus / Rank Stat Bonus / Point
Strength +1 Knight, Warrior
  • +2.5% Attack
  • +0.5 Attack
  • +2.0% Maxweight
  • +1 Block

+1 Adventurer, Chaplain, Cleric, Knight, Priest, Prospector, Warrior

+2 Guardian

  • +3.0% Hpmax
  • +0.25 Regen
  • +1.0 Defense
Intelligence +1 Arcanist, Elementalist, Wizard
  • +2.5% Mattack
  • +0.5 Mattack
  • +1.0 Manamax
  • +0.25 Crit
Wisdom +1 Arcanist, Chaplain, Cleric, Elementalist, Priest, Wizard
  • +1.0 Healing
  • +1.0 Mdefense
  • +0.15 Manaregen

+1 Adventurer, Archer, Hunter, Prospector

+2 Rogue

  • +1.5% Speed
  • +0.2 Movespeed
  • +0,25 CDR
  • +1.0 Evade
  • +0.5 Fleechance

+1 Archer, Hunter

+2 Marksman

  • +3.0 Hit
  • +1.25% Attack
  • +0.25 Attack
  • +1.0 Block
Luck None
  • +1.0 Hit
  • +0.35 Evade
  • +0.75 Crit
  • +0.5 Fleechance
  • +2.0 Lootchance

Secondary Stats

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