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This page is no longer relevant to the current game and due to be archived.

Ascension is the process by with players progress on from their current class and advance in the game.


How the Ascension button will look under a players classes.

In order to Ascend, a player must be level 20 and be level 5 in their respective class. The player should then make their way to Starr Village and open the Classes and Abilities window. Under the player's existing classes will be a new Ascend button provided the criteria have been met.

Ascending will cost an increasing amount of Starrs depending on the number of times the player has ascended previously. Currently the cost follows the following formula Cost=150,000+(n*52,500) where n is the ascension level.

At this time, it is only possible to ascend to Echelon 14.



Level 5 Exp




0 40,000 150,000
1 80,000 202,500
2 140,000 255,000
3 220,000 307,500
4 320,000 360,000
5 440,000 412,500
6 580,000 465,000
7 740,000 517,500
8 920,000 570,000
9 1,120,000 622,500
10 1,340,000 675,000
11 1,580,000 727,500
12 1,840,000 780,000
13 2,120,000 832,500
14 2,420,000 885,000

For a full breakdown of the Experience requirements, check this Google Sheet.


Once the player has ascended, their level will be reduced back to level 1 that their class points will be returned to them. This allows the player to acquire a new class upon reaching level 3 as per before, and to also re-pick any abilities or attributes they like as they level up.

Skills and Classes learned from before ascending will be kept, allowing players to equip higher tier gear right from the get go thus speeding up progression.